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Michele Clampffer

Neptune, NJ
  • Michele Clampffer in the photo 1
  • Michele Clampffer in the photo 2

I came to HSS after the first surgery on my Achilles tendon didn't seem to work. I had it Sept. 2010. The doctor was late and in a rush. He didn't even see me before the surgery nor was I able to see my husband. He didn't even speak to my husband after the surgery. And from the way the incision looked he was in a rush. I only had 4 stiches and they set my foot at a 45 degree angle. I had a soft cast on for a week and when I went back to get the hard cast on they pulled my foot into 90 degrees. It hurt so much I thought I was going to pass out. The doctor laughed at me. I had the hard cast on for 3 weeks with the stiches still in. Once the cast came off the doctor had to dig the stitches out of the infected area because the skin had pulled away from the stitches. Anyway, by November, he said I was good to go back to work. I still couldn't bare weight and no shoe fit me because it irritated the incision area. Well a year later (2011), I was still having pain and tenderness in the tendon. Something still wasn't right. Some one suggested HSS. So I made my appointment with Dr. Roberts. He examined my foot and told me to get a new MRI. We scheduled the surgery and everyone was great. Dr. Roberts cleaned up the tendon area and I was on my way. Everyone involved in the surgery stopped by to see me and my husband before it and Dr. Roberts spoke to my husband afterwards. Much different than the first surgery. My recovery was easier and faster than the first time. Fast forward to 2014 and I am doing so well that I was able to stand in the batters box at Yankee Fantasy Camp against former Yankee pitcher Jeff Nelson. And I caught for him too. Thank You!