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Michele Bouquet

Washington, DC
  • Michele Bouquet in the photo 1

Dr. Padgett performed my first hip replacement over 4 years ago and my second hip replacement exactly a year ago. I was so lucky to have found Dr. Padgett and Hospital for Special Surgery! After 10 years of pain, I finally had an x-ray taken that showed my first hip to be completely degenerated. I was extremely athletic and in debilitating pain. I also have 60 stairs in my home and I live alone. I was too afraid to have the hip replacement done, as I thought I would have to give up my then very intense yoga practice and all my other athletic activity, so I waited another 3 years to have the hip replaced. By the time I had it done, I had to drive a block to get to my gym because I couldn't walk across the street. I was introduced to another patient who had both hips replaced on the same day by Dr. Padgett...and she was a yogi and was able to split both ways less than a year after surgery.

Everything about Dr. Padgett and Hospital for Special Surgery was perfect! HSS has the process down and are so incredibly thorough. The staff in Dr. Padgett's office was always extremely accommodating with my appointments. Knowing I was coming from DC by train, they made it possible to have travel and appointments all in one day. In very little time after the first surgery, I was back to all my athletic activity. I had the other hip replaced last year and had another great experience with Dr. Padgett and HSS. I am now back to all my crazy working out - Pilates reformer, spinning, long distance biking, yoga...and am now also teaching Pilates reformer in addition to my real job. I have no limitations to activity and absolutely no pain. I'm strong and my range of motion still allows me to do the splits...and even pigeon pose.