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Michaela Petersen

Waldwick, NJ
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My name is Michaela Petersen. There is nothing I love more on this planet than lacrosse, and I always had very high aspirations to play Division I in college. September 29th of my sophomore year I was running down a soccer field when I felt two hands push on my back, and as I tumbled to the ground, I heard the infamous POP. I knew the second I hit the turf, I wouldn't play sports again for a very long time. I got the results back from the MRI on October 5th saying it was just partially torn, and with six weeks rehab I could return to sports. I met my physical therapist at excel in Waldwick, and she told us that it felt as if I'd had maybe 30% of my ACL. Well, 30% of your ACL doesn't cut it for the amount of high level sports I'd wanted to play, so we got a second opinion from my pediatrician to go to Hospital for Special Surgery. It was there we met Dr. Cordasco, who finally gave us the right diagnosis of a torn ACL. My surgery was performed by Dr. Cordasco and Dr. Green. The entire time they were so accommodating and supportive. I truly couldn’t have had any better doctors, and I refer them to everyone who I think they could help. I’m proud to announce that I have beaten all the odds, and even with missing 13 months, two lacrosse seasons, a winter track season, and three lacrosse seasons, I am a signed athlete and I will be playing Division I lacrosse at Radford University next year. I am living my dream, and I couldn’t have done it without my doctors at HSS.