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Michael Subracko

Brooklyn, NY
  • Michael Subracko in the photo 1

I was 41-years-old when I first met with Dr. Nawabi. He confirmed a left hip labral tear and the early onset of arthritis. I was interested in surgery only because I wanted to get back to running, walking, and playing with my kids without pain.

My first impression of Dr. Nawabi was that he was forthright, most interested in my well-being and a very smart and talented doctor. He wasn’t eager to do surgery like many doctors I’ve seen, but wanted what was best for me. Though first impressions can be wrong, they weren’t in this situation.

When we first met, he was careful to tell me I was on the older side - not in terms of life, but for a labral tear surgery. He told me exactly what surgery would and would not fix. He was careful to adjust my expectations, which I was grateful for especially after the surgery. He told me exactly how long recovery would be and what I would need to do to recover.

As an older patient, Dr. Nawabi helped adjust my expectations. I thought my recovery would be shorter. I thought PT would be less involved. I thought I wouldn't need my crutches as long as I did.

If you are older and thinking about surgery, take Dr. Nawabi for at his word in terms of what is involved. Your recovery will likely be as long and involved as he says.

As for Dr. Nawabi and his team: I have the utmost respect. I highly recommend.