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Michael Sontheimer

Hyde Park, NY
  • Michael Sontheimer in the photo 1

I am 60 years old and have been running and weight training for over 40 years and cycling and golfing for over 25 years. However the last 10 years or so, these activities have become very difficult to perform. On Sept. 30, 2015, Dr. David Dines performed a full left shoulder replacement and only 9 weeks later on December 4, 2015, Dr. Friedrich Boettner performed a total right hip replacement. I am happy to write that I am "Back in the Game" already. I am back in my gym weight training and cycling both indoors on my spinning bike and outdoors on my road bike. And just yesterday returned from a week of playing golf in Florida. I am now able to make both a shoulder and hip turn required for a golf swing that I have not been able to make in over 10 years, all pain free with no stiffness or discomfort! Even things like opening and closing a car door or a simple reach or bend to pick something up off the floor is now easily done. Thank you HSS and Drs. Dines and Boettner. Also a special thanks to the anesthesiology department, who in my opinion never get the recognition they deserve for what they do. Except for a pain pill (after the urging of the great nurses I had during both stays at HSS) for my ride home 2 hours upstate following both procedures, I did not need any pain medications post op for either procedure!

Again thank you....

Mike Sontheimer