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Michael Silvermintz

Suffern, NY
  • Michael Silvermintz in the photo 1

I have always lead an active lifestyle and was diagnosed with bilateral hip dysplasia about 4 years ago. I thought nothing of it since I didn't really have any symptoms or appreciable pain and was able to do any activity I wanted. Suddenly, in the summer of 2017, I was bone-on-bone arthritic in my right hip and the pain was real and significant. I went from leading an active lifestyle to not being able to walk 3 blocks without pain. Now I had to do something about it. My local orthopedic surgeon suggested a total hip replacement, which was a real surprise to me, so I went to the HSS referral site for a second opinion. I saw Dr. Maynard shortly thereafter and he suggested a hip resurfacing in lieu of a full replacement. After researching my options, it seemed that the hip resurfacing was the more appropriate choice for me. Dr. Maynard was patient, caring and answered all of my questions. From making my surgical appointment with Dr. Maynard’s office staff to my discharge three weeks later, my experience at HSS was as good as it could have been. The process was smooth and professional at every step of the way. Everyone from the admitting clerk to the nurses was just terrific and attentive. Now I’m three weeks post-surgery and I'm walking pain-free with absolutely no regrets. I’m looking forward to getting back to doing all the things I used to do. Thanks Dr. Maynard!