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Michael Ryan

South Huntington, NY
  • Michael Ryan in the photo 1

I have been a two-time hip replacement recipient with Dr. Amar Ranawat at HSS, dating back to 2013 and 2017. After "best in class" procedures and recovery, I knew it would be the only place I would consider to repair my ruptured right biceps and torn rotator cuff.

Injuries can happen randomly and at the least opportune times, like during the peak of a global pandemic. While picking up a desk delivered to my home in May of 2020, I suffered my most recent injury. Fortunately, having been an Equinox employee, we have a concierge relationship with HSS. I was immediately introduced to Dr. Josh Dines and felt comforted that my repair and recovery would be effective and efficient.

As promised, 6 months later my recovery has gone according to plan, and at times, I forget it even occurred. I'm grateful for the attention and acute care I received by the entire team, from the parking valet to the discharge process. When in vulnerable situations heightened by a pandemic, certainty is greatly appreciated. Never a surprise. All goes as planned and every detail is addressed.

Thank you, Dr. Josh Dines and the entire HSS community for turning adversity into a pleasant experience and a fond memory.


Kind Regards,

Michael Ryan, MS, CSCS*D