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Michael P.

Berkeley Heights, NJ

Thank you Dr. Rozbruch and your team at HSS for helping me gain my mobility.

I had a nonunion bone healing complication following a BKA and multiple fractures of a tibia due to a motorcycle/vehicle accident. After a total of 39 days in a NJ hospital, 8 surgeries, 11 days in-patient rehabilitation, and over a half year of recuperation, the bone and wound wasn’t healing. Then, I knew, I have to find another doctor. Everyone was saying HSS is the place to go. I feel blessed first, that I survived the accident, and second, that I was referred to Dr. Rozbruch and he agreed to take care of me. In June 2016 he performed tibia revision surgery including removal of stainless steel plates and screws, inserting carbon fiber rod, correcting bone spur problem, getting infection out, and more. I would also like to thank Dr. Miller for his care and help to fight and prevent infection. Thanks to Dr. Rozbruch and the HSS Team, my surgery went well, the wound healed quickly, and tibia healed too.

In May 2017 Dr. Rozbruch performed 2nd very successful and final surgery removal of rod and reconstruction BKA stump. I can walk again with my prostetic and look forward to “getting back in the game”. My sincere thanks to Dr. Rozbruch, Dr. Miller, and their HSS team.

Michael P., Berkeley Heights, NJ