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Michael Moss

New York, NY

Before I decided to attempt surgery I did everything possible to reduce my ankle pain. I tried acupuncture, anti-inflammatory drinks, bone broth, pain meds, chiropractic, Chinese herbal medicine, steroid injections, AmnioFix injection, walking with a cane, working out, and swimming, but nothing helped. Once I saw Dr. Rozbruch and received a definitive diagnosis my wife and I were able to determine that the correct surgical intervention would be TAR (Total Ankle Replacement) even though stem cell distraction treatment had been what we were most interested in. Dr. Rozbruch very gently and professionally led us down the path, spent a lot of time with us as we picked apart everything he said in order to analyze the situation, and made us feel good about our decision. After that I prepared for the surgery like I was going into battle, all of which strengthened the muscles and tendons so that after surgery I would have a clear path to recovery. The result was more than I hoped for. I have not experienced more than minor pain, easily controlled, and am progressing quickly toward full weight-bearing. I can't thank Dr. Rozbruch enough. He has given back my life.