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Michael Mayfield

Spring Lake, NJ
  • Michael Mayfield in the photo 1

In my 20s I started experiencing pain in my left upper leg. Trips to various doctors were dismissed as a pulled muscle or some strain and PT and exercise was prescribed with no improvement - in fact it was getting worse. I saw six orthopedic surgeons until finally landing at HSS where I was diagnosed and needed a new left hip.

Fast forward 30 plus years and my replacement was wearing out and I was walking with a limp and in pain. I couldn’t walk more than a few feet without stopping and started to avoid situations due to my lack of mobility. I stopped attending sporting events as the walk to and from the parking lot was agonizing.

Once again, I turned to HSS and was fortunate to find Dr. Brian Chalmers to perform revision surgery. Dr. Chalmers is a talented surgeon who took time to explain what I was looking at. Dr. Chalmers and his staff took the stress out of my surgery, and I felt 100% confident that I was receiving the best care from the best surgeon at the finest orthopedic hospital in the world. Also, my anesthesiologist, Dr. Chris Edmonds, was outstanding. The whole team, nurses, and PT were great and worked together very well. I had zero pain in the hospital and never took a pain pill once I got home.

I’m a new man, walking and participating in life again all thanks to Dr. Chalmers and HSS. I was asked what was the worst part of the surgery? I answered, “the drive to the city”. If anyone is in a similar situation, I would recommend not waiting like I did and make an appointment with Dr. Chalmers.

Mike Mayfield