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Michael Levin

New York, NY
  • Michael Levin in the photo 1

Unfortunately, in my life I have been a patient in many New York hospitals. There were good, not very good and bad. HSS is the best! Starting from the reception, to the waiting room and then on the road to the operating room, everything is worked out to the smallest detail. Quietly, calmly, the staff knows what to do. A wonderful conversation with a beautiful anesthesiologist, who spoke about her role in the operation and my feelings, then a conversation with the surgeon, Dr. Huang, who also talked about everything he would do with my back and how wonderful I will feel after a full recovery. I did not have time to consider everyone in the operating room, but I am sure that they did do their job perfectly!

After the operation in the postoperative room, two handsome nurses who foresaw my every move and helped in everything also were great. Cleanliness is perfect everywhere! The room on the sixth floor with beautiful view of the Hudson River, the most beautiful nurses, who help in everything instantly, after pressing a button. Great food with normal temperature. And the first time in all the hospitalizations of my life, coffee or tea was hot! In all other hospitals, coffee or tea is a little warm. Everywhere is clean and quiet! The patients just have to rest and recover after surgery.

Dr. Huang came and spoke in detail about the postoperative period, the healing process of the wound, and the permitted movements. There are no words to tell how pleased I am that I gave myself into the hands of the excellent staff of the hospital.

Thank you all, people of HSS.

July 12-July 16 HSS, Spinal Fusion.