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Michael Geary

Naples, FL

Dr. Seth Jerabek is an exceptional surgeon and a most thoughtful person! My hip was painful and my limping was pretty extreme. I am 62 and an avid golfer, but by my worn out hip began to keep me of the course. Returning to an active life was very important to me. I met with three highly accomplished surgeons, all with elite educations, and Dr. Jerabek made the selection process easy. He is uniquely qualified in robotics and his outcomes are extraordinary, as is his standing in the industry as a most respected surgeon in academic circles. I had full confidence.

My results were fabulous from day one! I was up and walking without pain only a few hours after surgery. I walked a mile in four days, two miles in 7 days and 3 to 4 miles a days from week two to week six. After 6 weeks I could hardly tell which hip was replaced. I'm walking straighter than I have in many years. I feel great and I'm grateful to Dr. Seth Jerabek and the wonderful team at HSS!