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Michael Feinberg

Los Angeles, CA
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Back in early January 2021 I sprained my ankle while playing basketball; a seemingly prevalent injury in the sport that happens to most players at some point. I didn't think much of it as I figured it was a typical sprain. Yet, days after the injury, my conditions had not only not improved, but actually worsened. As a collegiate basketball player, I had gone from effortlessly sprinting, cutting, and dunking to not being able to perform any of those actions without grueling pain from the Achilles area. It had been well over a month and a half of rest and ineffective physical therapy before I realized that my health would not improve until I saw a knowledgeable professional.

In early March, I was in NYC and was lucky enough to receive treatment from Dr. Rock Positano. From the moment I first interacted with him, I could tell he knew what he was talking about and would get me on the right track towards a full recovery. He had assessed the conditions of my ankle and Achilles and carefully decided that it would be in my best interest to get a custom sports orthotic that I could wear while playing basketball. He molded my foot, made a custom model, and cut it to the exact specifications of my athletic shoe to ensure a perfect fit.

From the moment I began playing with the new orthotics, I knew it was a complete gamechanger. I felt materially less pain in the prior areas, and it allowed me to regain certain movements that I was not comfortable performing prior to wearing them.

Overall, the care I received from Dr. Positano and his staff was truly exceptional. They illustrated extremely thorough care, and were so helpful in explaining in basic terms what I was dealing with and why it was not healing.

Fast forward to only one month later and I am now running, cutting, and jumping better than I had prior to the injury! I simply cannot thank Dr. Positano and his staff enough for their incredible care and knowledge.