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Michael Corkery

Amherst, NH
  • Michael Corkery in the photo 1

I came to HSS after having an unsuccessful right total knee replacement (TKR) in 2016 in NH, followed by a left TKR in 2017. I was still in pain and the operating surgeon and 2 of his colleagues were unable to find the source of my pain. I was referred to another ortho in NH and 2 surgeons in Boston with equally unsuccessful results. I tried acupuncture, CBD oil and finally a chiropractor was no good results. I decided to head to NYC to HSS, where I met with Dr. McLawhorn for evaluation. He felt I might need a knee revision but wanted to remain conservative so we tried a brace and a referral to Dr. Hung for pain control. This gave me some minor relief but I knew there was an underlying problem that needed to be addressed. I was then referred to Dr Markowicz for a knee revision consult. He ordered a nuclear scan and found out the issue was the cement on both ends of the implant had loosened up and the implant was moving about, this was not visible on a normal x-ray. We scheduled revision surgery a month later to correct the problem. I left the hospital 12 hours after the surgery just using a cane. The physical therapists were amazed at how quickly I was able to get back my range of motion and the full bend in my knee. Dr Markowicz and HSS gave me back my life.