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Michael Bradshaw

Tuckahoe, NY

As an athlete trying to compete at the highest level of sports, foot and ankle health is imperative. Just before getting an opportunity to play at this level, something I had worked my entire life for, an old ankle fracture caught up to me. I had lost strength and range of motion and just was not the same. I eventually had two arthroscopic surgeries. I improved but still wasn’t quite 100%. After consulting with my surgeon, it was determined that I still had scar tissue in the midtarsal joint but that surgery would not be an option. It was at this point I started seeing Dr. Positano. He was confident from the start that if I stuck to his plan, I would not require surgery and I would get back on the field. The confidence Dr. Positano exuded every day was refreshing for someone who was, at that time, out of options. I can’t thank Dr. Positano and his staff enough for their help as I prepare to be back on the field in 2018.