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Michael Bradley

New York, NY
  • Michael Bradley in the photo 1
  • Michael Bradley in the photo 2

In early May, I had total knee replacement performed by Dr. Geoffrey Westrich. In early August, I’m pain-free and able to easily do things that I was not able to do pre-surgery. I’m working out, swimming, playing golf and taking extended walks and bicycle rides. My knee is stable, and my range of motion is 115 degrees as opposed to 90 degrees pre-surgery. I can easily ascend and descend stairs, which I could not do pre-surgery.

This has been my second total knee replacement with Dr. Westrich. The first was six years ago and I was hesitant at the time. I had tried nonsurgical alternatives and they were not sufficient. Dr. Westrich reassured me, and I’m happy that he did. My reaction in both occasions was regret that I had not made the decision sooner.

I have found Dr. Westrich and his staff to be competent, professional, compassionate and supportive. I would highly recommend Hospital for Special Surgery and Dr. Westrich in particular to anyone considering hip or knee replacement.