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Michael Berg

Stamford, CT
  • Michael Berg in the photo 1
  • Michael Berg in the photo 2

I saw Dr. Drakos for foot pain that I had been struggling with for many years. It was result of a traumatic injury along with the wear and tear of years of collegiate and professional football. I had seen several other doctors who told me that it was something I would have to deal with and that it would progressively get worse as I got older. I could not accept the fact, that at 30 years old, I was being told that I would no longer be able to do many of the things I loved, like playing basketball and weightlifting. I was truly impressed not only with the way Dr. Drakos “thought outside the box” but also his willingness to involve the entire HSS Foot and Ankle team in my care, to come up with the most appropriate course of action. This week I was able to play basketball and workout pain-free for the first time in 6 years thanks to Dr. Drakos and entire HSS team!