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Michael Benton

Southport, CT

Our 12 year old son Michael had a thoracic spinal fusion in August 2011 and it was performed by Dr. Green. I am pleased to tell you that it was the best experience it could be, not that having a child have to undergo a fusion is a great experience. HSS made this a positive experience for us. Dr. Green is a skilled surgeon and a kind person. The nursing staff kind and attentive and the ancillary staff wonderful as well. Our room had a view of the East River, which may sound silly, but water is a healing entity for us. Staring out at the water while recovering was very helpful and the kindness expressed to me as Mikey's parent in residence: well I can't say enough. The kindness shown to us brings tears to my eyes. I especially liked the personal visits to Mikey from the nursing staff of the PACU when he was recovering on a regular med surg wing. I am recommending HSS to everyone with orthopedic needs. FYI. Mikey was at the ball field today swinging a bat full rotation and will be back to being Jr. Babe Ruth soon we hope!