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Michael Adwar

St James, NY
  • Michael Adwar in the photo 1

All I knew was that I was in pain whenever my right arm moved a certain way. Couldn't play tennis, couldn't snowboard, couldn't ride my bike. I am an active 50+ guy who enjoys physical activity and staying in shape so I knew I had to find the right help.

A CAT scan revealed a torn labrum. HSS Physician Dr Joshua Dines was recommended to me by relatives who are medical doctors so I felt confident from the start that Dr Dines and HSS was right for me. Getting the actual surgery done was surprisingly easy. On arrival, I found the HSS staff to be efficient and professional. Dr Dines oversaw everything from pre-op to post. Everything went off without a hitch and absolutely no pain. No overnight stay was required so within hours, my wife was driving me home to Long Island.

Recovery from a labrum tear is fairly involved, requiring hours of PT over the course of many months. Dr Dines laid out the routine and helped me choose the proper therapist. He had me return to his office on a scheduled basis to assess progress. As my shoulder healed, he gradually cleared me for activities and sports one by one. After approximately twelve months, I was fully recovered. Its been about 18 months now and I am able to do sports and other activities without the slightest concern.