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Meryl Rosofsky

New York, NY

I sustained a life-changing ankle injury (a particularly bad trimalleolar fracture) in November 2010, with shattered bones and extensive soft tissue damage. I'd had an initial surgery at another hospital (the injury happened out-of-state) and was left with significant pain and malrotation of my foot 6 weeks out. Dr. David Levine at HSS identified remnant bone shards lodged between my tibia and fibula, and the need to do a syndesmosis repair, among other restorative procedures. I credit the revision surgery I had under his skillful and thoughtful care with a huge part of my eventual recovery. (Physical therapy played a huge part, too.) I still experience ankle swelling, stiffness and reduced range of motion most days, but my ankle is immeasurably better than it might have been had I not been treated at HSS.

I even managed to dance at our wedding a few weeks ago, wearing heels! (Modest heels, but heels nonetheless, something I thought was permanently behind me.) Here's a photo (photo credit: Erin Baiano) of us dancing moments after we were married!