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Meredith Giovanelli

Parsippany, NJ
  • Meredith Giovanelli in the photo 1

It’s been 8 months post-surgery and I was able to do light hiking on my family’s annual trip to Acadia National Park. Where everything really came full circle was on the very trail where my knee gave out almost exactly a year ago. This time around, I was back with a fully functional knee and able to complete the hike pain-free!

I came to HSS for this surgery after over 5 years of unsuccessful interventions and worsening muscle atrophy. If I had known years ago what I know today, HSS would’ve been the first place I went to. It has been an extremely exhausting journey, but now I feel whole again. I am forever grateful for Dr. Andreas Gomoll, who performed such a careful surgery, and for the assistance provided by my PA Terry Lin, the nurses, and the staff at HSS— which has been nothing short of perfection. Thank you all so much.