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Melissa Licata

New York, NY
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I broke my foot two months before my wedding and I was crushed. After getting the wrong diagnosis at the ER, I went to HSS Ortho Injury Care and got better imaging and a correct diagnosis. I had to wear my boot for 6 weeks and was cared for first by Michelle Cummings (PA) who helped me with my return to work and Nicole, the Dr. Drakos' PA, who prescribed supplements and ordered PT.

I got excellent care from Sam Antonietti at Sports Rehabilitation and Performance. She progressed me from two crutches to one crutch to walking with just the boot. She strengthened my leg and helped me until I was strong enough to get down the aisle with no limp and dance all night (in appropriate footwear) at my wedding on August 31st. She made me laugh every session even though a lot of the time I was so stressed I’d been crying the night before! I’m glad I had Sam to help me down the aisle (figuratively) although HSS is on our thank-you card list (literally)!