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Meghan Forte

Bridgewater, NJ
  • Meghan Forte in the photo 1
  • Meghan Forte in the photo 2

In January 2014, I had a muscle transfer surgery on both legs at Hospital For Special Surgery, NYC. I am twenty four, and earned three teacher certifications- Elementary Ed, Middle School English and special education teacher, from Caldwell University (New Jersey). I also have cerebral palsy. I do have spasticity, but I work hard with my therapists back home, at JAG physical therapy. I came to HSS to meet Dr. Scher, and see if he could help me. Aging with cerebral palsy, even at only 24 can become challenging. That is why I decided to look up surgeons myself, and see if there were any options. I had my parents bring me to New York to have the best care. Having surgery and muscles transferred was not an easy journey. But I also had a really great group of staff at HSS there with me. There was Sarah, the night nurse. Who said to me, " I know you will be a great teacher". Then I also had nurse Tracy. She was so nice! My physical therapist, Valerie Papanikolaw, DPT, was one of the best therapists I have worked with! Along with Krystal Bartholomew. Before I went home, ALL of the staff who helped me in the hospital signed my bright pink casts! Now, back home in NJ, I am starting an internship with Children's Specialized Hospital in marketing, because I really want to also be involved with healthcare marketing. Hospital For Special Surgery is a great place!