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Megan Martz

Middletown, PA
  • Megan Martz in the photo 1

Ever since I was young, I have always had an interest in sports despite having bilateral hip dysplasia. I was not going to let it keep me from being an athlete. After trying many sports, I found myself loving cross country and distance running for track ever since middle school. Running has become a part of the person that I am today. I went from running my first 5k in 30 minutes to 21:30 by my sophomore year of high school. Everything changed from that point on because soon enough running was not the same. My hips would ache time to time, but by the time I reached college I reached my breaking point. During high school, I ran in district championships, a half marathon, and 19 miles of a marathon. I decided to run division II cross country at the University of Findlay. My season left me in excruciating pain. I met with Dr. Sink at HSS and he decided to do a right periacetabular osteotomy on June 16, 2015. The road back to athletics has not been easy, but it was completely worth. I completed a tough mudder and half marathon at only 11 months post op. I recent just completed by first season back at cross country and I have no hip pain. I keep getting faster each race and who knows what I am capable of accomplishing in athletics now. I feel like a real runner finally and more importantly I feel like myself. Thank you to Dr. Sink and his team at HSS. I am eternally grateful to you all for changing my life.