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Maurice F Daly Jr

Sunbury, PA

As a teenage athlete, I suffered from chronic shoulder dislocations. After TWO unsuccessful Putty-Platt procedures, I dislocated during a semi-pro football game and was taken to NY Hospital's Emergency Room. After many unsuccessful attempts to reduce my shoulder, the decision was made to sedate me as the attempts were very painful. After being released from the ER, I received a call from The HSS Sports Medicine Clinic regarding a consultation.

After meeting with the late Dr. John Marshall, the then NY Giants Orthopedic Physician, he decided to take me on as a patient. We discussed the new concept of Sports Medicine and I would be one of his first patients. I believe the year was 1973 or 1974. He wanted to try a procedure that was innovative for that era called a Bristow Procedure. Please excuse the possible misspelling. The surgery was considered a success as the dislocating ceased. I believe that Dr. Marshall perished in an airplane crash shortly after. I will always remember him as a man who was kind and personable. Thank you.