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Matt Powell

New York, NY
  • Matt Powell in the photo 1
  • Matt Powell in the photo 2

I came to HSS and Dr. Allen having been told that ankle surgery was my only option. In my first soccer game back after meniscus surgery, I had completely torn the ATFL & CFL in my right ankle. Resigned to my fate, I decided that I would choose the best doctor available, which led me to Dr. Allen & HSS. From the outset, he treated me differently than any orthopedic doctor I'd ever met with. He instilled me with the confidence that I could recover from this without surgery, and even insisted that surgery wouldn't be the best course of action. Despite my skepticism, his assurances drove me throughout my physical therapy and within 4 weeks, I was running again, and less than 10 weeks later, I was crossing the finish line of a sprint triathlon. To top it all off, in just over 6 months later, I crossed the finish line of my first ever Marathon in none other than NYC. Thank you HSS! Thank you Dr. Allen!