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Matt Mandel

Burlingame, CA
  • Matt Mandel in the photo 1

Skiing has been a lifelong passion of mine and I like to ski very hard. I first discovered how bad my hip arthritis had become when I bent down to buckle my ski boots in December 2018, and to my surprise, my right boot had become a bit out of reach. Over the next 6 months my hip deteriorated rapidly, and by June I was unable to do relatively minor activities without significant pain. After hip resurfacing surgery by Dr. Su in July 2019, and a dedicated rehab effort, I was able to ski again only a few short months later, and with no limits from my hip! As important as skiing is to me, and other sports such as windsurfing, tennis, and mountain biking, spending quality time with my wife and kids is even more important. Thanks to my resurfaced hip, I can now play tennis with my wife, and again horse around with my kids, with strength, and without worry. Now that I have my hip back, I can lead a full life again. With guidance from Dr. Su, and his physician assistant Cameron Kiser, I chose an uncemented option. Overall, this was not an easy decision to fly across the country and have surgery that most orthopedic surgeons will not perform. I had a million questions and everyone at HSS helped me quickly get answers, especially Cameron. Frankly, I found the patient stories to be very inspiring, and I feel very lucky to be one of them. A million thanks to Dr. Su, Cameron, Christina, and the whole team at HSS!