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MaryLouise Wilson

Mattituck, NY
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I’ve had back pain for years. At an early age there were minor car accidents and a fall that traumatized my back. I tried a chiropractor for years. It was good until it wasn’t. I had children and carrying them and caring for them stressed my back even more. I had a terrible boating accident and fractured my tibia, fibula and patella. That was a long recovery.

Then I tried acupuncture and craniosacral therapy. Eventually I ended at the pain management office. I tried all the different shots many times. I didn’t want to live on medications. It was getting so bad I could barely drive or move. The pain was unbearable. My pain became unbearable and affected my quality of life.

I got an appointment to see Dr. Cammisa and he explained the condition of back. There were many levels of herniations and bulging discs. He suggested surgery and explained what would be done and agreed to have the surgery. Again a lot of pain in recovery but it made a big difference.

Two years later I fractured my T12. Terrible pain. After a year of braces, medications and PT and still not healing, surgery was needed again. This one was very difficult. There was much more pain in recovery and a lot of time passed before I was able to function completely on my own.

I have to thank Dr. Cammisa for the excellent way he communicated with me and gave me my life back. I was even able to travel to Italy 6 months after my most recent surgery. I’m now able to play with my grandchildren, travel, socialize, drive, walk, exercise and live a full life again. I can’t imagine what condition I would be in if I did not seek out Dr. Cammisa.

I am now being treated by Dr Dale Lange for Sjogren's Syndrome. Hoping soon there will be some medical breakthroughs to better treat or cure this.