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MaryJo Weinig

Jupiter, FL

Four months ago, I began working with Joy Bennett, personal trainer and physical therapy assistant at HSS Spine & Sport in Jupiter, Florida. My goal was to improve overall health and athletic performance through strength training. I am an avid tennis player and dedicated distance walker; in order to perform better on the court I need to increase muscle mass, develop greater agility and flexibility. Serious attention to healthy and appropriate nutrition is also integral to and very much a part of my program. I am on the too lean side; recognizing that, Joy and I are working with my nutritionist and personal physician.

After her initial evaluation, Joy created a workout program that we would pursue two to three times a week. The training included but was not limited to use of free weights, bands, Thera-balls, steps, and Nautilus-type machines. I am able to perform these exercises on my own, which is one of my requirements.

Joy Bennett is a serious and skilled professional who challenges me each week we meet. Her instructions are detailed when necessary, and always clear. Form is all-important; Joy instructs me on each exercise in a knowledgeable manner and in so doing, I attain am reaching my goals.

The professionalism that I have been met with in working with Joy Bennett cannot be underestimated. That kind of professionalism and concern extends to others at this facility. The administrative staff at HSS Spine & Sport, in a word, is top-notch!