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Mary Waltham

Princeton, NJ
  • Mary Waltham in the photo 1

My feet really hurt whenever I walked any distance, but I am a keen hiker. What to do? I saw a local doctor who after a cursory examination, prescribed some orthotics, but they caused even more pain. I finally discovered Dr Rock Positano, and through a process of careful diagnosis, appropriate treatment and a regimen I can sustain, I am now back into long distance walking of 80-100 miles in a week (but not every week!) and have no pain. What a marvel! No surgery, lots of discipline as per Dr Positano's instructions and on-going attention to buying the right boots and shoes, all work together to enable me to be as active as I wish and need to be. Thank you so much!

(Caption for photo is "Godrevy Lighthouse on the long distance Cornish Coastal Path, England"