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Mary Sue Lindley Geiger

Brooklyn, NY
  • Mary Sue Lindley Geiger in the photo 1

Being a resident of New York City requires you to be able to walk and climb stairs just so that you can navigate the subway system - which is key to being a fully integrated citizen of the greatest city on earth.

Both of my knees had badly deteriorated due to age, wear-and-tear, and arthritis; traveling in the city became really challenging for me. I was severely limited in my movement (both physically and using the subway) by my knee pain.

I finally gathered the courage to have total knee replacement, first for my left knee in 2018 and last for my right knee in 2019. It was one of the very best medical decisions I have ever made. Dr. Alexander McLawhorn and the staff at Hospital for Special Surgery really performed miracles on my knees. After my surgeries and rehabilitation periods, I am now able to walk as much as I want, use the vast subway system, go to the gym, travel to other countries, etc.

I am extremely grateful to Dr. McLawhorn. His brilliant work has changed my life.

(In the attached photograph, I am coming down the stairs in my house two weeks after my surgery.)