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Mary Pat Meier Cieri

West Redding, CT
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I went to HSS, to Dr. Sculco, in 2001 with debilitating pain after being seen and treated by 3 different physicians and years of physical therapy. I was walking in pain with a cane. I was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and the hip joint was so shallow that the femur had slipped up 7 cm. I was a mess. Dr. Sculco made me a deeper hip socket and did a hip replacement. I was sort of "Back in the Game" knowing that the other hip would come due. I had no more pain in that hip and I could ski, ride horses, walk, play golf, swim, walk my dog, and take care of my kids. I still walked funny and it was hard in retrospect. The other hip still caused some pain and I had limited range of motion, but it did not seem debilitating. I didn't enjoy walking far, but didn't know why. 16 years later I came back with no range of motion in the other hip. I could not walk more than 1/2 a mile or bend at the hip. It was time for the other hip replacement. A miracle occurred! I am cured! I didn't know I always had pain and limited range of motion UNTIL NOW! Now I have NO PAIN at all 18 years after the first hip and 2 yrs after the second. No aspirin after exercising and no pain after skiing or walking. No need for hot tubs, aspiring and massages. I did not know I had pain all my life. I did not know how hard it had always been for me to walk. Walking is now effortless - like an epiphany! I love walking now. I have no more pain and I am skiing, playing golf, horseback riding, walking, swimming, scuba diving, sailing, and kayaking. I am not jumping out of helicopters, but I don't have the need. I can stoop with both legs symmetrically. I feel 21 and I am 62! HSS not only put me Back in the Game it put me in the game! I am in my happy place! Dr. Sculco and HSS are great!