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Mary Marchese

South Bound Brook, NJ
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My story starts in 2011. That was when I first felt unusual pain in my left hip. I have been a fitness professional for over 35 years, as both a group fitness instructor and personal trainer.

Fitness and teaching students has been my passion since my college days. Simultaneously, by day, I am a marketing manager for a publishing company. Both occupations have put tremendous demands on me both physically and mentally.

In 2012, the pain increased to the extent that it was constant. I had a consultation with an orthopedic surgeon who told me then that I needed a hip replacement. I didn't believe him and thought I could "work it out". In 2014, I got a second opinion. Again, one look at my x-rays and this surgeon said he couldn't believe I was still walking, let alone training at the gym. I still didn't believe it and moved on. By now, I was using anti-inflammatory meds almost daily.

In 2016, the pain started in my right hip as well. Years of overcompensating for the left hip had taken it's toll. Now, I had become limited in many ways. I could no longer perform and execute quite a few types of exercises. Walking was very difficult as was bending, standing for lengths of time, or going up and down stairs. At this point I started to search for others like me for advice. That's when I heard about HSS. I decided that if I ever got up the courage to have surgery, HSS was the only place I would go.

In 2017 I was still instructing my classes and working full time. I have the old school mentality to train through the pain! I was living in absolute agony 24/7. Living with the pain became my new normal. After more inquiries, others who were active and athletic told me about Dr. Buly. I had hope! The pain I was living with was a known commodity, where post-surgery was the unknown and terrifying. The tipping point for me was when I could no longer sleep at night. The pain in bed was unbearable. I was constantly exhausted and sleep deprived. That was it. I called to schedule an appointment with Dr. Buly. Best decision I have ever made in my life!!

At first meeting Dr. Buly and his PA, Alex, I felt so relieved, confident and excited. He couldn't believe my x-rays. He said anyone with hips in my condition weren't usually walking in, but being rolled in. Dr. Buly told me I needed bilateral hip replacement. Within a month of my initial visit I had my surgery. It was an amazing experience! I was walking the next morning, going up stairs by day 3 and on my way home. I began physical therapy at home within a few days which helped me better understand my restrictions and precautions. After 3 weeks I started outpatient physical therapy and made quick progress, regaining my strength and range of motion. After 6 weeks, I was driving and back in the gym instructing my classes!!!

One cool note about Dr. Buly - he really understood my anxiety about my classes and teaching again. As an avid cyclist, he completely understood me when I asked him about teaching spin classes again. With each passing week I continue to get stronger. I am now able to do things I haven't been able to do in 7 years. Now I can perform every type of exercise including jumping rope, squats, running, jumping, bosu and more. I can even cross my legs when I sit down!! That's huge! I recently walked over a mile without realizing how far I had gone, whereas before, walking across a parking and even stepping down off a curb was daunting. Dr. Buly not only changed my life, he gave me the confidence I needed to get back in the game!!