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Mary Krupa

Norwood, NJ

At the age of 73, I still believed that all I had to do was exercise to prevent any surgery. But when Dr. DiFelice told me that three compartments of my knee were no longer working, I understood the difficulties I had been having with walking and stairs. His confident and clear approach to the facts led to my trust in his ability. When he said that his job was the knee and my job was the work, I set my mind to educate myself through the materials made available by HSS so I would be prepared. I believed in pre-hab so I strengthened the quadriceps muscles with Reformer Pilates for a few months before surgery while I continued my Yoga practice. The class I attended at the hospital before surgery helped to prepare me further. The hospital stay went as planned and the whole staff of caregivers performed with smiles and efficiency. I was home in a few days with PT at home. Within two weeks, I was ready for outside PT. Maura, my Physical Therapist at Kessler Rehab in Emerson, NJ, spent the next twelve weeks listening and teaching as she individualized the plan to meet my goals of returning to Yoga practice, Reformer Pilates and finally teaching gentle Yoga classes. After 7 weeks I was able to add attending therapeutic Yoga classes. In the eleventh week I added attending Reformer Pilates classes. I watched the amazing ability of the body to heal as it progressed through any swelling, bruising, stiffness, or sensations of discomfort. All of them appropriate and resolved in their own time. As far as the issue of pain, my pain level never peaked to a point that was not tolerable. Thanks to the teaching of HSS staff, I was able to titrate off the medication quickly. The breathwork we learn in Yoga practice also helped me to heal and manage any discomfort. Thank you again to Dr. DiFelice and Rob O'Brien, P.A. for their competent skills both in the O.R. and in the Paramus office and for getting me Back In The Game!