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Mary Jane Devlin

Brooklyn, NY
  • Mary Jane Devlin in the photo 1

Weak Achilles tendons run in my family - my father, brother, and cousin have ruptured their left Achilles tendon. I developed micro tears in both of my Achilles tendons from running three times in Prospect Park in 2011. Every step I took was painful. I stretched my Achilles tendons til the cows came home and was still in constant pain. I saw an HSS physician and he performed the Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) injection in 2012, which was brand new in the US at the time. The hospital provides the best care and the professional staff is unbeatable! Afterwards, I needed to stay off my feet for 72 hours and wear the air boots for 10 days. I completely healed in 2 months! I can’t run anymore so now I climb 100 flights of stairs daily. Thank you HSS for getting me Back in the Game, I’m so grateful!