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Mary Herrnstadt

Katonah, NY
  • Mary Herrnstadt in the photo 1

After an unsuccessful knee replacement elsewhere and several other orthopedic issues which had reduced my quality of life, I met with Dr. Dena Barsoum to evaluate the various symptoms and devise a plan. First, Dr. Sravisht Iyer operated to remove a herniated disc which was pressing on a nerve root bundle in my spine; next Dr. Samuel Taylor removed scar tissue in my knee that had developed from two prior surgeries. Dr. Gaudsen replaced both hips in separate operations 3 months apart. These 4 surgeries took place within 10 months. Even though it will take many months to re-learn how to walk properly, I already know these surgeries - pain, rehab, and all - will allow me to get back into my exercise studio and resume an active life.

For years I had diligently worked out daily, and yet could not walk more than a block or two without excruciating pain. I accepted a quality of life that seemed less rich and rigorous with each passing year, until finally I decided to seek solutions. HSS has provided the solutions, with a methodical, gestalt approach that considered each symptom in relation to the whole picture. I have never had the benefit of this sort of comprehensive approach in healthcare. And the medical teams do it with such kindness and respect for the patient, everyone from the office personnel to nurses, doctors, and entire surgical teams. I am especially grateful to Dr. Elizabeth Gausden and her team for the excellent care, empathy and encouragement shown me. These qualities are critical components of professionalism.

My first surgery was on my birthday one year ago; next week on my 71st birthday, I feel the coming years can erase the last two decades of a downward spiral, thanks to HSS.