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Mary Gardner

Staten Island, NY
  • Mary Gardner in the photo 1

I went to see Dr. Hannafin in 2018 as I was having pain in my shoulder and I am a competitive golfer. A friend referred me to Dr. Hannafin because she did her rotator cuff surgery. Mine was not getting better and I was just living with the pain. For me surgery was just a last resort - I threw up when I got my ears pierced! So off I went and the results were in that I had a tear. My mind went wild regarding what the surgical experience was going to be like. I can not express how awesome Dr. Hannafin, her team and HSS treated me. It went much better than my ear piercing! I was so diligent with my PT and from my surgery on Jan 30th, 2019 I was able to win my Golf Club Championship in August 2019!! Thank you Dr. Hannafin for getting me Back in the Game!