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Mary Conroy

Rockaway Point, NY
  • Mary Conroy in the photo 1
  • Mary Conroy in the photo 2

After several different doctors, series of tests, and years of physical therapy, the cause of my knee pain was still undiagnosed. I decided to go to Dr. Metzl for another opinion. Dr. Metzl understood my determination to get back onto the big stage. I was finally diagnosed with patellofemoral pain syndrome and fat pad infringement syndrome. Dr, Metzl gave me corticosteroid injections and prescribed a series of workout regimes. With Dr. Metzl's sincere and outstanding care, I was able to return practicing at full force. A few months after my first appointment with Dr. Metzl, I was able compete and even medaled at the All Ireland Irish Dancing Championships in Killarney, Ireland. I am forever thankful for Dr. Metzl!