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Mary Ann Baldari

Staten Island, NY
  • Mary Ann Baldari in the photo 1

I was told I needed surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff. I decided I wanted to go to the best hospital for this surgery and chose HSS. I then went online to seek out doctors at HSS and came across many qualified doctors. However, I wanted a doctor I could talk to and get personal care. After speaking with many of my friends I was referred to Dr. Lawrence Gulotta by a woman who just had rotator cuff surgery done by Dr. Gulotta. He came highly recommended not only as a great doctor but a wonderful person.

After meeting him the first time I felt confident that this was the doctor I wanted to do my surgery. He showed concern for me as a person, not just a person with a problem, and I immediately booked the surgery.

I was going on vacation for three weeks and booked the surgery upon return. The pre-op at HSS was impressive. Everyone came in to check that everything was going smoothly, but when Dr. Gulotta came in with his smiling face I felt at ease.

The surgery went well and I saw Dr. Gulotta immediately after surgery in the recovery room. He made me feel at ease and said everything went according to plan. He then called me at home that evening and told me to call him if I had any questions or needed him for anything. I saw him after two weeks and he made me feel that he actually "felt my pain." I saw him intermittently for the next 5 months and each visit he had that same smiling face and gave me as much attention as I needed. He never said there was another patient waiting as he always allowed enough time to fully visit with his patients. As many stupid questions as I had, he answered as though they were the most important thing to him as they were to me.

A friend just called me and asked if I would recommend Dr. Gulotta. She needs rotator cuff surgery and what do you think I said? Without reservation, I recommended Dr. Gulotta and hope to see her letter on this site within the next six months.

Mary Ann Baldari