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Marty Shubert

Lake Placid, NY

On October 13, 2009, I had total hip replacement performed by Dr. Eduardo Salvati, He is the man. Dr. Salvati gave me my life back! Everything he said would happen if all went as planned came to fruition. This Feb. 2010, I was downhill skiing again, which was a gift, as a doctor I saw at home told me I would never downhill again!? I am playing golf, biking, rowing, cutting wood, gardening, etc. All things that were so painful I could not enjoy them any more. HSS is an incredible experience, after getting to know the people, I had NO fear going into surgery. I knew they were super competent and would take excellent care of me. Plus my wife stayed in their hotel right on site, so she was easily there for me, and I had no worries about her safety.. We both are so impressed with HSS, recently my wife had both golfers elbows repaired by Dr. Sabrina Strickland. When my wife saw the remarkable results I received, it was a no brainer what hospital for her to choose for her procedures! HSS is Heaven on Earth!