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Martin Domb

New York, NY
  • Martin Domb in the photo 1
  • Martin Domb in the photo 2

Dr. Nawabi performed a total right hip replacement (anterior approach) in April 2017, one month before I turned 64. I had begun feeling pain in my right hip 15 years earlier. It was diagnosed as degenerative arthritis – the cartilage in the joint had largely eroded away – and I would need to replace the hip at some point. My pain and the limitation of activities increased over the years and varied significantly from season to season and week to week. I was able to continue riding a bike (fairly aggressively) and playing tennis (mostly doubles) until the surgery, but with ever-increasing pain. I had also been limping for several years. Walking more than 20-30 minutes had become difficult. I consulted several surgeons along the way. They all told me that “I would know when I was ready” to replace the hip. For many years I was reluctant to “take the plunge.” I was fearful of major surgery, potential complications, a difficult recovery period, and hesitant as to whether the time was right.

Family members did research and referred me to Dr. Nawabi. I saw him in March 2017 and, to my surprise, decided then and there to schedule the surgery for the following month. I did so because, from that very first consultation, I felt completely comfortable with Dr. Nawabi and was highly confident about his skills, training and track record.

I’m writing this during my ninth month following surgery. I am very, very pleased with the results. Apart from the successful surgery itself, Dr. Nawabi has a very conservative, and effective, approach for the post-surgery period, which entails limited weight-bearing for the first few weeks, physical therapy, and gradual increase in the use of the new joint. I conscientiously followed his advice, and the results have been excellent.

After several weeks I began riding my bike with no problems. At the six-month anniversary, with Dr. Nawabi’s approval, I resumed my weekly doubles tennis game, again with no issues. I am walking beautifully, without any limp or pain, almost as fast as I did as a 20-year old. I can stand for two or more hours at a cocktail party again (standing for a long time had become even more difficult than walking). I have gone on active family vacations and been able to take long walks, things that I hadn’t been able to do for years (the accompanying photos were taken during a recent vacation in Bermuda). Pain is no longer a daily part of my life. And I feel that I am still improving, day by day, as my body becomes more accustomed to a properly functioning new hip. Yes, I am very pleased to be "Back in the Game”!