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Martha DelPizzo

Baltimore, MD
  • Martha DelPizzo in the photo 1

Dr. Mayman and his team replaced both of my knees, the left in 2013 and the right in 2015. In both cases, I was back on the tennis courts three months after the operation, just as he told me I would be. As smoothly the 2013 operation and recuperation was, the 2015 process blew me away! I was up and taking steps in recovery and the recuperation was much easier and quite different. No warfarin, no ice water pump, and greater mobility earlier in the process. The device was different, as was the post-operative process.

These changes reflect the ongoing research and feedback that the practice uses to constantly improve. In both cases, I willingly agreed to take part in that research, never knowing how much of an impact it would have on me! No one should wait for this operation, since you can be sure that Dr. Mayman and his team will provide the highest level of care, constantly tested.

With my new knees, I enjoy my rich life. Les and I enjoy playing tennis together and with friends. We play all year around and I love being back in the game.