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Marlene Socarras

Long Island City, NY
  • Marlene Socarras in the photo 1
  • Marlene Socarras in the photo 2

I went to see Dr. Cammisa in the hopes that surgery could be done to alleviate my lumbar pain, left thigh, buttocks and hip pain and numbness. I had consulted with another local surgeon that although very qualified, we did not connect. That’s when I decided to seek a second opinion at HSS. I chose Dr. Cammisa after I read his bio and read what other patients were saying. It was all A+ comments. Dr. Cammisa did not disappoint. From our first appointment he was extremely professional, knowledgeable and most importantly took my complaint seriously. He explained what my procedure would look like. He opted for a minimally invasive surgery and we agreed to proceed. Today, I’m home 2 days after my surgery feeling great and walking in the park! My symptoms are gone! I have minimal pain that I’m managing with acetaminophen and nothing else. I haven’t needed anything stronger. Dr. Cammisa, Dr. Fantini, my anesthesiologist, and the entire team were wonderful! Special thanks to the fantastic nurses that took care of me on the 6th floor as well!

Very Best,