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Marlene Ledford

New York, NY
  • Marlene Ledford in the photo 1

April 2014 I began having severe pain in my lower back, left buttock and down the left side through my foot. I consulted a doctor and his diagnosis was sciatica. He prescribed a pain medication and physical therapy. The doctor did not examine me. The pain persisted and each visit, another pain medication was prescribed. I did not experience any relief.

I then tried acupuncture without success. At this juncture, after the medicine, ice, heat, pain relievers, physical therapy, and three epidurals, I did not experience any positive results.

The pain became so excruciating I was desperate to seek a solution and rid myself of these pill pushers. I concluded that I had a very serious sciatica problem, or as one doctor suggested, that it was a herniated disc or something else. I was not satisfied and the pain was getting worse and I needed a more aggressive treatment.

I was referred by a friend to HSS and Dr. Bernard A. Rawlins. I had an appointment July, 2014 and on this visit I had a consultation, examination, and x-rays. He prescribed a new MRI because my previous MRI was inconclusive.

Dr, Rawlins reviewed my MRI and explained the area of my spine that was causing the problem. He further diagnosed the problem as lumbar stenosis. He did not immediately rush me to have surgery. He discussed two possible solutions: injections or surgery. I was impressed with his caring attitude, concern, thoroughness and approach to my situation. He instilled my confidence and I had faith in his ability.

I had my surgery in September 2014 and while I was in recovery, due to Dr. Rawlins' skill and expertise, I was pain free for the first time in six months.

Beginning with my first visit to HSS until my release, I noticed not only the caring attitude of Dr. Rawlins, his staff and the entire staff at HSS I came in contact with I was given the same caring treatment.

Dr. Rawlins, despite being a very busy surgeon and instructor, always makes time to return my calls and he treats his patients with respect and dignity.

Thank you Dr. Rawlins, and your staff and the staff at Hospital for Special Surgery for making my surgery and hospital stay a very positive, rewarding experience.

Dr. Rawlins, you are the best for getting me BACK IN THE GAME.