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Marla Posillico

Oakdale, NY
  • Marla Posillico in the photo 1

In July 2012, I had the LUCK of finding Dr. Drakos after "visiting" two other doctors on Long Island, one of whom actually admitted she didn't know what to do and the other would have had me in 2 or 3 surgeries and still couldn't tell me if I would be able to walk without an assistive device. After seeing Dr. Drakos for the very first time, that was it. He let me talk and sat looking right at me and when I was all done, he just went ahead and explained what the issue was and what he could do and when he could do it and how the outcome would most likely be. He also told me that it was a procedure that not many doctors across the US could do. Of course, I know there could be problems associated with surgery, but he just made me feel so confident in what his plan was. Two weeks later, I had my surgery, saw him periodically for a year. And exactly what he said, happened. It wasn't pleasant especially in the beginning, but I will never forget him. He is a great doctor with a great "bedside" manner. I am so happy to have found him and would recommend anyone I know to only him. Thank you Dr. Drakos!!!!! :)