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Marla Paillet

Springfield, NJ

From the moment I walked into HSS for my pre-surgery appointments until I was wheeled out following my surgery I was shown respect, provided courteous responses to all inquiries and provided excellent care and service to ensure my requests were met timely, with a smile and always with my personal comfort a priority. I’m a recent transplant from the West Coast - NOTICE: West Coast hospitals, HSS is giving you some serious competition when it comes to cleanliness, patient care and excellent service! Even if I move back to West Coast, I’d travel across the country back to HSS for any orthopedic surgery in my future!!! Dr. Michael Ast is second to none!! He seriously ROCKS!!! His skills are off the charts & his bedside manner competes with your favorite, unbelievably smart, cute uncle or best friend! He just knows his stuff!!! He takes the time to know YOU & focuses on your needs. Need I say more?! I’m 4 weeks post-surgery on my right knee and just scheduled knee replacement surgery for my left knee!!! Unfortunately I have inherited degenerative osteoarthritis, but I feel joy in my heart to have found Dr. Michael Ast!!! THE ABSOLUTE BEST!!!