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Mark O'Connor

Yorktown, NY
  • Mark O'Connor in the photo 1
  • Mark O'Connor in the photo 2
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I’m a young New York City fireman. I was 29 when I had my accident (fractured calcaneus). It was a personal jet ski accident when I made such a force of contact with the jet ski that I fractured my whole foot. As a result, I received a plate and 14 screws I believe.

I’m convinced it’s only through the help of Dr. Demetracopoulos, his surgery, and the help through physical therapy, also through HSS, that I am still a fireman today. My recovery was self-motivated but second none to the best orthopedic surgery hospital in the world.

Dr. Demetracopoulos hands down saved my career and my life. I walk normal and with no limp. Outstanding hand in surgery and care.