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Mark Larsen

Greenwich, CT
  • Mark Larsen in the photo 1
  • Mark Larsen in the photo 2

HSS is where the STARS are--personnel who are Sophisticated, Team oriented, Attentive, Responsive, and Skillful. My "stars" are Dr. Robert Buly, my surgeon for bilateral hip replacement , and his unified, responsive team, including Elaine Caldwell-Krumins, BS, RN Nurse Clinician, Branden Sosa, Office Manager, and Mai Le, Medical Secretary.

My story began in September 2015 and culminated with my bilateral hip replacement in December 2015. I consider myself fairly active at 52, and would walk 23 blocks each way for work in NYC, would go to the gym, and was game for adventure. I started getting this intense groin pain and went from doctor to doctor. I also noticed that it was getting more difficult to walk. Finally, a doctor ordered a hip x-ray, which determined I had bilateral hip dysplasia and other abnormalities at birth. The structures at this point had deteriorated significantly, and I was experiencing "bone on bone", the ball rubbing directly against the socket.

Naturally, I wanted a top surgeon at a top hospital, who would remedy both hips at the same time. I felt very comfortable with the confidence and intelligence of Dr. Buly. Moreover, his team was so helpful and responsive, and made me feel comfortable in their level of detail and sophistication. I had my surgery December 10, 2015, and today is February 1, 2016. I am doing well, and each week I have greater stamina and flexibility.

No other hospital can compare to HSS. It is all about unparalleled patient care, top notch personnel, and leading edge procedures. You will also be amazed at how detailed the patient education program is, and quite frankly, the patient food is good too.

Dr. Buly and his team certainly are my STARS, and as I reflect on this hip replacement journey, I think about how lucky I am to have had this team, and wonder about how many other STARS are at HSS, and how this top-notch hospital shines with the best talent.

The pictures are from the super snow storm we had in January. My hip restrictions were lifted, and I was out there shoveling for a few hours. Of course, this chore wasn't fun, but I wasn't going to complain--the intense groin pain was a thing of the past, and me and my new hips were on a mission to do everything as before, and more!