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Marilyn Turnamian

Gillette, NJ
  • Marilyn Turnamian in the photo 1

I was referred to Dr. Rozbruch by another patient of his because she had heard that I had broken my left ankle and developed post-traumatic arthritis and a bone spur. I was not able to walk without pain for any significant distance. The only choices my original surgeon recommended was ankle fusion or ankle replacement. When I met with Dr. Rozbruch he offered me those two options as well, but also offered me an ankle distraction, which would not destroy the joint. He told me the recovery was longer with the distraction (about a year). I chose the distraction because it would not destroy the joint, which left the possibility of doing one of the other options if it didn't work.

It was a long recovery - a year before I could really feel the difference. This past October was two years since the surgery and my husband and I were able to take a tour of all five Nation Parks in Utah! I was able to hike, walk (without a cane) and keep up with everyone with either no pain or minimal pain. In my everyday life, I am able to walk wherever I need to, I can take classes at the gym and was able to have all five grandchildren stay with us for a week this summer and keep up with them. I am so happy with my choice and thankful to Dr. Rozbruch, his staff and the staff at the Hospital for Special Surgery.