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Marilyn Murphy

Middle Village, NY

June 4th 2018 was a life changing experience for me. After years of limiting my lifestyle to accommodate my deteriorating mobility due to a severely arthritic left hip, surgery was performed by Dr. Edwin Su. The morning of the surgery, Dr. Su came to visit me and autograph my left hip. He reassuringly told me that he was going to do "a fabulous job". I replied that "I knew he would because I had done extensive research, which indicated that he was 'world class', completely negating my rheumatologist-suggested recommendations to check out two other surgeons." The duration of the surgery was an hour and ten minutes. I awoke in recovery pain-free with some nausea. I was able to walk around the unit and do stairs - I was discharged the next day. My recovery was rapid and seamless. At 4-6 weeks I attained my goal of being back on the track and speed walking 2-2 1/4 miles a day. However, at four and half months, the blatant and joyful reality of just being able to walk up stairs, bend, go out with friends for extended periods of time and keep up with my three year old granddaughter is priceless. Thank you Dr. Su! I am forever grateful.